Waza is the Japanese word for technique. At Genshin Ki Dojo the word Waza is used when refering to Kata or self defense.

Waza is the movement in a technique and also the amount of power and precise application of the move or moves. 

Example: an instructor might say while reviewing a students Kata (form) or self defense technique -

"your waza lacks power" or "your waza is sloppy" or "your waza is excellent" refering to every aspect of the application.

In relation to self defense, Master Christian has devised a three stage process for proper development. If one varies from this process, the chance of injury during training is very likely.


Stage one

Students practice self defense waza slowly while learning the proper movement. They see how the waza works and understanding why it works. This repetition of practicing waza could be hundreds of times. Within this stage students begin to set the proper execution of waza into their subconscious arsenal.


Stage two

Students practice self defense waza at a medium to fast pace, making sure that the waza is sharp and or fluid.  The waza will start to become more natural as it has been practiced hundreds of times already. The waza will become more of a natural reflex within this stage and will bring students closer to a realistic application. Students are still fine tuning or rough tuning some of the moves. This is the inbetween stage.


Stage three

Students practice self defense waza realistically and at street speed. This is a realistic and real application of waza.  The student's partner or instructor will perform the attack (choke, punch or grab etc..) realistically and with the full effect that a real attack would warrent.  This is the final stage. The student's adrenaline is pumping and the waza is now a reflex and mostly embedded into the subconscious.  This stage is the last in the very fine tuning of waza because one experiences elements that were not present before such as - adrenaline pumping, fast/street speed attack, the attackers eyes, real determination and knowing for once that one MUST do the waza proper.


So as you can see proper martial arts training allows your waza to go from conscious thought and transitions to subconscious. This should bring light to the qoutes below.


"Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that the art

becomes an artless art, growing out of the subconscious"

~Daisetsu Suzuki


"To float in totality, to have no technique, is to have all technique"

~Bruce Lee



What is Waza?